Adobe Illustrator vs. CorelDraw

Adobe Illustrator vs CorelDraw are two applications/tools/programs that are often used to draw and edit vector images such as logos, stamps, and banners. Both are well-known and popular among designers, both Indonesia and the World. Both also compete to be the best and become the most popular.

Many people compare the two leading programs, and of course, many are of subjective opinion. Surely there will be many differences of opinion from each user, and of course, this can create confusion for beginners who want to learn design. Therefore at this time we will provide views and opinions about the two programs so that they can help you determine which program you will use.

Adobe illustrator vs CorelDraw: Mastering Both of them is important.

Adobe Illustrator vs CorelDraw Which is Better?
Adobe Illustrator vs. CorelDraw: Which is Better?

Before discussing Adobe Illustrator vs. Corel Draw which is better, first, we must remember and understand that both are just tools, meaning here that our role as users is the most important thing to produce a good design image. No matter how great the tools we use, but if our imagination, creativity, skills, or abilities are very low, it will be very difficult to produce good work.

So for beginners, the first thing you have to think about is your talent, your ability, your passion, and your willingness to learn first. If indeed you feel that design is your hobby, your World, and you believe you will be able to produce work through design, then our suggestion for the next step is to try both programs, why?

As a designer, especially a freelance designer, you should not be too fanatical with just one tool. At least you should know and understand these two programs, both Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw. Why? Because you will never know that if you become proficient in the future, clients who will use your services will ask you to design images using which program. Or, if you work in a design company, you may sometimes be required to use one particular program. Therefore mastering the two programs, or at least a little understanding of one of them is very important. Therefore mastering the two programs, or at least a little understanding of one of them is very important.

If you’ve tried both, then the next stage you can consider to pursue one of them deeper. When this time, you will only choose which tools you should field. Comfort is certainly the first consideration. If you are already comfortable using one, then continue using it. But, if you feel equally comfortable using both, then we will give you a little consideration.

Adobe Illustrator vs CorelDraw Which is Better?

Adobe Illustrator is a product from Adobe, where we know that Adobe also manufactures other well-known products such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, etc. System integration is certainly very important to be considered, why? Because as a designer, you certainly don’t need to use just one tool. You need another program to perfect your work. This is where Adobe Illustrator is superior because it has a better system integration with other Adobe products.

Can CorelDraw not be integrated with other Adobe products? The answer is yes, it’s just that the results are not perfect compared to if you both use Adobe products. For example, when you create a project in CorelDraw, then the file is saved in the format (. Ai), then when you import using the Adobe Illustrator or Adobe After Effect program, the results will be messy and not in accordance with what you’ve done.

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